Bad Weather Expected To Continue


In a statement to the Territory on 13 October His Excellency Augustus Jaspert explained that the devastating category 5 hurricanes affected not only the BVI Disaster Management weather monitoring system, but also the systems of its regional counterparts.

In noting the situation Governor Jaspert said: “Unfortunately, many of the weather monitoring and alert networks locally and regionally were affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria, which also presents a challenge.”

“I am working with the team at the DDM/NEOC to identify resources to re-establish the monitoring networks, however in the meantime I am encouraging everyone to remain in a high state of readiness and to regularly check weather alerts,” His Excellency added.

This has been one of the most active seasons the Territory has experience in years. Tropical waves affected the Territory as recent as October 14 to 16 and His Excellency warns that more bad weather is expected in the days to come.

“We are still in a very active Atlantic hurricane season and we are also observing and experiencing an increase in tropical waves in the area which at times adversely affects our efforts,” Governor Jaspert added.

The expected bad weather issue is compounded by the affected weather monitoring system.