Auditor General Pushes For Greater Efficiency


Auditor General Sonia Webster has announced that training would be a major project in her office this year as the Office of the Auditor General pushes for greater efficiency. While speaking to legislators during her appearance before the Standing Finance Committee Mrs. Webster noted that improvement and changes are in the pipeline.

The Auditor General said that she plans to overhaul the way her office does financial audits because she does not think that they get enough coverage and she would like to see more efficiency.

The proposed advancement will require that the small staff of the Office of the Auditor General take a different approach to the way they carry out their functions and duties. The Auditor General told legislators that her Office now has to be able to get things done differently while achieving better results.

Ms. Webster stated that things are on target to bring the office back up to speed as she noted that having to function without an Auditor General for a few years had been a setback. However, it was indicated that things are moving forward.

Another setback the Office suffered was the September hurricanes, albeit it was disclosed that the damage was not major and only resulted in the loss of some files. Nonetheless, Mrs. Webster told Standing Finance Committee members that the Auditor General’ focus for 2018 would be on finishing the financials, and finishing the audits of the financials provided. She reported that they have had very good cooperation from the Treasury Department.

She also mentioned that one of the major focuses will be to train staff due to the fact that the Government will be moving to accrual accounting and she would like to make sure that her staff are up to date with what that entails. She said that they have scheduled some training for that and commented that they would also like to update their training in terms of the types of audits that they are doing.