Ashley Kelly’s Season Finally Coming Together Ahead Of Pan Am Games


400m specialist and BVI national record holder, Ashley Kelly PHOTO: Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway
BVI Pan Am Games Media Contact
LIMA Peru—As late as the end of June, Ashley Kelly was the first to admit that she’d
been having a rough frustrating season. But she kept at it, even came home to
Then in the Adam Sanford NYC invitational on July 13, she ran a 400m season’s best of
53.55 seconds to finish third. The news got even bet ter as shortly after, she was
notified that she had been invited to Lima, Peru, to compete in the 18 th Pan Am Games.
Kelly who arrived in Lima today, will face the starter’s gun on Tuesday, in her specialty.
“To run 53.55, was definitely the breakthrough for my season,” Kelly said. “But, running
53 for me and having that as a breakthrough, then you definitely know the trials I’ve
been going through this season. It was definitely a light at the beginning of the tunnel—I
say beginning, because I know I have a long way to go, to get to my normal form running
51s and being consistent.”
Kelly said the minor tweaks she made in practice will show her true form in moving
“Having that happen then a few days later, hearing that I’m doing to the Pan Am Games,
was definitely like God showing his true self and showing that everything I manifested is
still working in my favor, so I have to continue to keep the faith, keep grinding and keep
believing in what I’m ordained to do,” Kelly, who’s making her second Pan Am Games
explained. “So I’m excited about going to Pan Ams. I’ve had some seasons bests when I
was in Europe. I’m continuing to stay focused, keep grinding, keep working on the things
on the things my body responds to and expecting a really good showing at Pan Ams.”
The BVI’s 400m record holder said it’s not what has happened in the early part of the
season, she just needs that one great performance that can turn around her entire
season, something she’s looking forward to.
“If it happens at Pan Ams, then I’d be grateful,” she said. “But I know that I have a long
season to go, Pan Ams is just the icing on the cake and I’m looking forward to
representing the BVI once again.”
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