Anguilla Community College Appoints Dr. Karl Dawson as President


On 28 August, Former President of the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC), Dr. Karl Dawson will be taking up the post of President of the Anguilla Community College, but he announced that the new role is not an indication that his political days are over.

Dr. Dawson who was scheduled to leave the Territory on Thursday 24 August, did not say outright during his appearance on the Speak Out BVI radio program on Tuesday night whether he is still interested in holding political office. However, he did note that he intends to remain an active member of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP).

“I am a member now and expect to remain a member. In this electronic age, the communication channels are wide and vary so there is opportunity to continue to stay in touch pretty much on a daily basis,” Dr. Dawson announced in response to a question on his present political position.

He further said that before he contested the last general elections he carefully considered his task and noted that even now he is confident about that decision. “In 2015, I contested the general elections and in going in you know that once you have put yourself in as a politician, that politician label will stay with you pretty much for the rest of your life, so you have to consider that…”

On the matter of political office, he said: “It’s certainly not off the list for me. We will have to see what the future holds. I will continue to support the Party as best that I can but we will see what the future holds as far as electoral politics is concerned,” he commented.

As it relates to his new job, Dr. Dawson said that he is happy the roads lead to Anguilla, the BVI’s sister Overseas Territory. “Anguilla was one of the places that was on my radar for a number of reasons, for instance proximity – it is a hop and a skip, you know I have people that are close to me that I need to keep check on — my wife and mother,” he said.

The new President of the Anguilla Community College announced optimism about his new role and stated that he is eager to walk with the college on its journey. “The stage of development of the college is where we were some years ago and I do hope that the experiences that I have witnessed at HLSCC would be able to help them in their way forward. As far as people go I think Virgin Islanders and Anguillans have some similarities there that make it just a bit easy to fit into that Territory,” Dr. Dawson said.