Anegada’s Farmers Week rescheduled


It was reported on 2 February that persons who were planning to spend the day in Anegada to enjoy the annual Agricultural program were left stranded at the Road Town jetty, with little explanation. It was also reported that persons in Anegada who prepared for the program were disappointed.

The matter was raised on the NDP Radio program that evening  as a caller said that he was listening  for an explanation: “I am calling from Anegada I thought I would have heard an explanation. Something went wrong, today nobody said anything so I thought I should call to understand what happened,” the caller said.

In response, At Large Representative, Hon. Archibald Christian issued an apology to everyone who was disappointed that the Anegada edition of Farmers Week did not take place as planned, because of ferry issues: “I am sorry something was not communicated earlier. Unfortunately this morning there was an issue with the ferry that was supposed to take the persons that had gathered at the dock to travel to Anegada for Farmers Week,” Hon. Christian announced.

“The Ferry obviously for mechanical reasons couldn’t make it. The folks at the Agricultural Department were trying to make alternative arrangements with another ferry, but unfortunately due to circumstances beyond their control that ferry also was not available on such a short time to be able to take us,” the At Large Representative explained.

Hon. Christian said that he understands that persons in Anegada were disappointed and apologized publicly for the no show: “I know the folk in Anegada were extremely disappointed that we weren’t able to travel there today. On behalf of the Government and the Minister, Ministry and the Department of Agriculture we sincerely apologize. Hopefully, if everything pans out well on Wednesday we should be over there, and I am hopeful that we would be able to have a good day, and fellowship… Again I apologize that we weren’t able to make it over there, and we weren’t able to issue a notice in a reasonable time.”