Anegada’s Blackout: New Gov’t To Take Preventive Measures


Plans to establish a second backup power system and alternative energy options on Anegada will be moving forward faster than was anticipated as the District Representative, Hon. Vincent Wheatley announced that he would not like a repeat of the extended power outage that affected the sister island last week Friday.

Hon. Wheatley and At Large Representative, Hon. Shereen Flax-Charles visited the island which was reportedly without power for more than 24 hours on 1 March the same day they were to be sworn into office as Ministers of Government.

Both representatives traveled to Anegada after it was reported that the power plant on that island suffered a breakdown and for almost two days left the residents without power. The lack of power also caused the water supply to be stalled which meant that there was neither power or water on the island. It was further stated that the situation resulted in closure.

In a television interview Hon. Wheatley promised that the issue will not be repeated: “Moving forward we are going to a more long-term solution which is going to involve alternative energy,” he announced.

In explaining plans to ensure that there is no further repeat of such an obstructive power outage Hon. Wheatley said: “We are going to source alternative generators going forward; and also solar alternatives that this should never happen again going forward.”

The District Representative further explained that the situation not conducive to the Anegada tourism sector as there were visitors on the island being also affected by the blackout. “Anegada is about tourism, right now it’s full of tourists; we can’t have the island full of tourists and no power to the island. I find that to be totally unacceptable. I would do all that I can do in my power to make sure that this never ever happens again.”

“I am committed to the Ninth District…I could not come and be sworn in today knowing that the people of Anegada were over there suffering,” he said.

Meanwhile Hon. Flax-Charles explained that during the visit discussions about a second backup power supply were fruitful: “We have already started the process to have another backup that we are trying to arrange to be shipped to Anegada; so that in the event we have another problem in the short term we would have something in place. That is what we are about as a government. In talking to the people we were able to ascertain that a private individual had a generator…and that is how we want to work with our community, with togetherness and oneness in unity,” she said.