Anegada Clinic To Be Named After Romalia Smith


Government is proposing to rename the Anegada Clinic after community stalwart Romalia Smith and Anegadians are seeking the opinion of residents on the island.

During this week the Ministry of Health and Social Development issued the invitation for residents to give feedback on the suggestion on the proposed renaming by 18 February.

Mrs. Smith who was featured in The Island Sun numerous times for her good work is best known for her medical contributions to the Territory. For years she served as a respected nurse and although retired, she is still called upon occasionally by residents or even nurses that are stationed on the northernmost island of the BVI to assist or to answer medically-related queries.

A quintessential community service-minded, altruistic and devoted individual she formed the first Youth Group on Anegada, the first Sports Group and organized the first Children’s Summer Programme. Each year she also organizes a Christmas party for the children on the island.

Mrs. Smith has also organized ‘clean-up’ campaigns and even when a group is not around, she has found herself picking up trash along the roadside and around the recreation field in an effort to help keep her environment clean.

Her efforts have been noted and recognized by the BVI Health Services Authority, the Mount Carmel Baptist Church and the BVI Community College, the Anegada Progressive League, a Benevolent Association of Anegadians in New York, the BVICCHA, the Methodist Church B.V.I. Circuit, and the Zion Hill Methodist Church’s senior choir.

Over the years, Mrs. Romalia Smith has represented the BVI Red Cross, Solid Waste Department and Social Development. She volunteered her time at the Claudia Creque Educational Centre doing after-school reading classes and has also served as Chairman of the Fundraising Committee for the school. Other Committees of which she was a part of include: The Education Advisory Committee, Library Services, The Museum Committee and the Community College Board.