And… the new Minimum Wage is… “We don’t Know”


On March 31 the final public consultation on the raising of the minimum wage was held during the JTV Spotlight Program, and Chair of the Committee, Mr. Simon Potter announced that to date an exact figure for the minimum wage has not been considered.

Mr. Potter stated: “As to the aspect of a living wage and a minimum wage we are still trying to come up with a figure. We have looked at a number of things as well and we are trying to but we have not fine-tuned a figure that we are comfortable with yet to know what it should be.”

The Minimum Wage Review Committee was organized to consult with the public and recommend a suitable increase for the minimum wage which stands at US$4.00 per hour. However, Mr. Potter announced during the final scheduled consultation that the final decision is not a clear cut one.

In fact, the Committee Chair said: “We know whatever we put the minimum wage in the first place it wouldn’t reach what a comfortable living should be, but nevertheless we want to see what it will take us to really get there.”

He said that from all information that has been gathered so far it is agreed that the minimum wage should be increased, but by how much it should be increased has not been determined.

As to when the minimum wage should be increased, Mr. Potter said that the Committee can make a recommendation to the Minister suggesting, but he said that the final result might not be to everyone’s liking:

“We strongly feel that whatever figure we set, some people will be happy and some people will be not happy, but nevertheless we will try our best to gather as much data as possible and come up with what we think is the best decision possible for the country as a whole.”