Amphitheatre to spice up Crafts Alive


Minister for Communications and Works and Fourth District Representative, Hon. Mark Vanterpool reminded that the Crafts Alive Village was designed to be more than just a vending area, and pointed out that the area has a cultural ambiance that makes it the  perfect venue for various activities.

Speaking at the VIBE Band launch on March 14, Hon. Vanterpool told the gathering: “Crafts Alive Village is not just about the shops or tourists; we want to see it used more like this (Band launch), so hopefully every Friday night there’ll be some action here that we can come and enjoy.”

In 2012 when the plans for the expansion of Crafts Alive was first announced Minister Vanterpool had indicated plans to make the venue an entertainment spot as well. On 3 April 2012, Minister Vanterpool stated that an amphitheatre was part of the plans for Crafts Alive Village to enable band performances and other cultural presentations to take place there.

The Minister explained that the open air theatre would have regular well prepared performances and will be “presenting on a regular basis, well organized, well developed, well-choreographed, properly prepared not just music, but presentations in terms of performing arts to depict the Territory’s culture and dance on a regular basis.”

During the 2012 forum, Avaline Potter the Crafts Alive Revitalization Architect announced that the amphitheatre will be a cut out with a round grass stage in the centre.

On February 26, 2013 when the venue was officially opened, praises were heaped on Minister for Communications and Works Hon. Vanterpool for his decision to revitalize Crafts Alive Market and on Fifth District Representative, Hon. Delores Christopher who was the brain behind the creation of the colourful commercial village.

City Manager Janice Brathwaite- Edwards who chaired the event announced that the revitalised Crafts Alive contributes to making the Territory’s city bigger, better and brighter.

Fifth District Representative, Hon. Christopher announced that she was pleased with the new look of Crafts Alive and stated that there is no doubt that the revitalized site fits into the Minister’s vision for Road Town: “We have watched this site develop into a beautiful array of seaside small shops all reflecting Caribbean style architecture. Crafts Alive has been an indispensible feature of the city of Road Town for years, and I really do not wish to go into the story of how it got started this afternoon. I just want to say that in its current design, and with all these vibrant colours it is so appealing.”

Speaking on behalf  of the vendors Joan Wilson who has a spot at Crafts Alive explained how happy each vendor was to have been given an area to sell their items. She said: “I know that everyone is happy and the place is looking good, and all we have to do here together — which is my aim and my desire — is for us to live together in unity here in this market, dwell together in unity, be one happy family for one common cause.”