Alleged Ticketing Inconsistencies At Airport Reported At Talk Show


The mobile ticketing machines that are installed at the Terrance B Lettsome Airport and the additional fee collection process were the subject of a call that was made to the Speak Out BVI program aired on 18 August.

The caller expressed his concern to host Douglas Wheatley about the perceived inconsistency between the ticketing machine and the collection point at the gate. “Right at the security gate at the Airport something is not going right with the system, the system doesn’t seem to be working, it has been down too many times,” the caller said.

According to the resident, the machine might indicate that the person stayed at the facility under five minutes and was not required to pay; but the person would still be charged at the gate. He announced: “Normally when you go to the Airport you stop at the gate, you push the button you get a slip out. Once you go in to just drop off somebody you go to the machine, and the machine will punch out that you are free; you don’t have to pay anything.”

“I am noticing the last couple of weeks when you go to the airport even if you spend three minutes someone on the other side is going to take a dollar from you. I have a concern for that because if that is government money and you are taking it in your hand, and you are not giving me a receipt I do not know what is going on.”

He added: “…Check how many dollars throughout the day they receive…They are just messing around with government money, and I think that it is a bad thing. I think that it needs to be looked into…,” the caller announced.