Alleged Cut To Carrot Bay Festival Budget Queried By Hon. Fahie


During the recent House of Assembly sitting Opposition Member, and First District Representative Hon. Andrew Fahie announced that there are claims that $20,000 was slashed from the Carrot Bay Festival Sub-Committee’s budget. However, the claim was not confirmed by Premier and Minister for Finance Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith on Tuesday.

In fact, when the question about the budget cut was asked during Tuesday’s press conference Premier Smith did not confirm that cuts were made to the Carrot Bay Festival budget.

Instead the Minister for Finance responded by stating that Government was being more efficient: “In all things as we continue to progress, as we continue to see that we live in a world economy which is still rather slow; we have to ensure that we are very careful about our spending. We have to review all expenses from Government to make sure that we are as efficient as possible with how the monies are being spent,” he said.

When asked for specifics, Hon. Smith said: “What I am saying is that the Minister responsible has to review how festival is funded, how it is operated and how it is carried on for the good of the Territory.”

During the Private Members Business section of the last House of Assembly, Hon.  Fahie directed his query about the budget cut to Minister for Education and Culture Hon. Myron Walwyn.

The Opposition Member said he was approached by the Committee about various matters and the Festival budget concern was one: “I don’t go by rumours, so I told them let us get the facts. They came claiming that the $60,000 was cut to $40,000, and I told them no not at all the minister would have informed [us].”

“I picked up the telephone and called the Minister of Education and Culture and he promised that he will look into it, and I know he wouldn’t disappoint the people of Carrot Bay,” said Fahie. “I know that they were only rumours. The minister will sort that out, and get back to the Committee and the Representative.”