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Allegations Of People Being Smuggled In The BVI Surface


The closure of the borders did not stop some persons to and from the Territory albeit illegally. These allegations of persons breaching the border regulations to travel to and from the Territory include the possibility of smuggling people in. 

The seriousness of this scenario is backed up by various arrests of persons who were caught illegally entering the BVI. With escalating figures of COVID 19 in neighboring places, the Minister made a public appeal for such illegal activities to cease. 

Minister for Health and Social Development Hon. Carvin Malone in a Territorial address aimed at updating the Territory on COVID 19 matters on 17 August pleaded with persons to refrain from illegal travelling. 

Hon. Malone said that efforts to stem this illegal travel travelling are part of the effort government is making to keep the Territory’s COVID 19 count to a minimum or nonexistent. In explaining the efforts to step such travels the Minister said: “Other protective measures include the border patrols being conducted by the Joint Task Force comprised of Customs, Immigration and Police Officers that help guard against illegal entry.” 

The Minister noted that he is very concerned about these episodes of illegal entry to the BVI: “Reports are being received of the possibility of illegal trafficking at (BVI) borders! If this is so, my simple advice is STOP! It is dangerous! It is wrong! It could bring harm to the Territory.” 

“I wish to remind all of us that none of these measures are 100% fail-proof, and it is therefore not possible to completely eliminate the risk of importation of the virus that causes COVID-19. This is why we must remain vigilant, continue to take a cautious approach to social and economic activity, and thoughtfully engage with the world around us, out of care and concern for our community,” the Minister added.