Agriculture Encourages Increased Dog Owner Awareness


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

PHOTO - AGRICULTURE ENCOURAGES INCREASED DOG OWNER AWARENESSThe Department of Agriculture is encouraging dog-lovers and dog-owners to implement good safety habits through dog registration, leashing, tying and fencing-in practices.

Chief Agricultural Officer, Mr. Bevin Braithwaite said that the department is responsible for dogs and for livestock and that it is important that owners know where their dogs are at all times. “The onus is on us, as dog owners, to know the whereabouts of our pet animals. If your dog hurts someone or damages someone’s property you can be held responsible for the damage caused.”

Head of the Veterinary Division, Dr. Michael Montrose pointed out the importance of proper dog management practices as it relates to the agricultural industry. “Not only do we register and license dogs, we administer aid to animals who have endured dog attacks, and often we can see how the two coincide.”

He added, “More often than not, dogs owned by persons within our community, attack and damage livestock within our community. We really want to appeal to persons to keep their dogs under control. Simple, consistent, practices such as leashing and fencing-in pet dogs can help to save the lives of many animals, and reserve Government resources.”

The Department of Agriculture strives to provide and manage cost effective resources and services to support the agricultural producers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders involved in the developmental process of the agricultural sector.