Agriculture Dept. “Tries Its Best” – Says Bevin Brathwaite


“Farmers are disgruntled but the Department tried its best”, Chief Agricultural officer Mr. Bevin Brathwaite announced to the Standing Finance Committee (SFC) as he explained the Department of Agriculture’s relationship with the farming community.

In recent years there appeared to be a pull in the opposing directions between the Department of Agriculture and the farming community; and during the SFC deliberations Mr. Brathwaite was asked whether he had a good working relationship with the farmers and whether he met them regularly.

Mr. Brathwaite noted that he was comfortable with the relationship he has with the farming community, and confirmed that meetings were coordinated throughout the Territory including the Sister Islands.

However, the Chief Agricultural Officer admitted that there were instances where the Department could not meet the demands of farmers who were disgruntled as a result, but Mr. Brathwaite maintained that in those instances the Department tried its best to assist.

He specified that the supply of water for the farming community was one of the ways the Department was assisting. Mr. Brathwaite explained that water was being supplied to farmers via wells in the community and he noted that the Department covered the recurrent cost for the pumps that are being placed at the wells.