After 30 Years Of Involvement, ‘The General’ Walks Away From Basketball


Guy “The General” Malone, center, presenting the 2017 Basketball Federation B Division trophy to And One’s Coach Brian, “Bash” Brewley 

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Come June 25, “The General” will become the immediate past president of the BVI Basketball Federation. Guy Malone who has been involved in the sport in some capacity over the last 30 years, said he’s had enough and will use his time to do other meaningful things.

“I’m making it abundantly clear. I Guy Lester Malone, is not interested in being the president of the BVI Basketball Federation anymore,” Malone told Island Sun Sports in an exclusive interview. “I have done about 30 years and I’m in the red $30—something thousand. I’ve been getting a lot of abuse verbally, so I can do better with my time. I have a very challenging job that I have to concentrate on, so I can’t give any more of my free time.”

Malone said he’s an At Large Member of the Caribbean Basketball Confederation Executive and will continue to serve the sport in that capacity. 

“Because of what I’m facing; because of all of what’s been going on and all of what’s been said; in a community where you’re giving community effort, where you’re being owed a lot of money and where you’re not appreciated for what you’re trying to do, for something that’s community service, I’ve had enough,” he explained. “A federation is not the president alone. A federation is made up of a body of people and everybody in the federation has a part to play.”

While over the years they have been organizing a league, Malone emphasized that it’s not the federation’s responsibility to run a local league. During General Assemblies, he said he has emphasized that they need to move away from organizing a league but everyone sits back and expects the president of the federation to take it all on. 

He didn’t directly answer if members were executing their responsibilities within the organization. 

Malone also claimed “others are running 3 on 3 tournaments but the federation doesn’t see that money.”

After hearing the comment, Kennedy Bass who runs K&J 3 on 3 tournaments with Jason Edwin,  cleared the air on what he termed Malone’s “misleading information.”

He said that they started the 3 on 3 program in 2015.

“We came up with this idea to open opportunities for players—both boys and girls—an opportunity to compete on a team where they don’t have to compete with other players for playing time, one, and a fast paced game that gives everyone an opportunity to work on skills while enjoying the game,” he explained, noting they went Puerto Rico in 2016 for training on how the competition should be held, as mandated by FIBA. “That initiative came about by the president as we started our competition and he recognized us as the only ones doing 3 on 3,” he said. “We got all the resources we needed and have kept the competition going ever since. In 2019, we have completed a FIBA sanctioned tournament done with their tools.” 

Meanwhile, nominations for the 12 posts on the executive body closes on June 11 and must be submitted to The General Meeting and elections are scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on June 25 at the Dept of Youth Affairs and Sports. Teams that were registered during the 2014-2018 team are eligible to have one representative voting at the meeting. Each team has one vote.