Minister for Education and Culture Dr. the Hon. Natalio Wheatley is calling on more businesses to adopt public schools in the Territory. While speaking at the adoption ceremony for the Leonora Delville Primary School on 13 February the Minister urged the business community to see such adoptions as an investment in the Territory’s future.

Hon. Wheatley declared, “We must always emphasize, we must always highlight, we must always remember that our children are worth the investment. When you invest in children you invest in the future and by adopting this school you will ensure that we have quality education and a comfortable environment for our children we are doing our part in building the prosperous future for these young persons.”

The Education Minister explained that after the storms persons gave donations and made other contributions to various schools in the Territory. Additionally, Hon. Wheatley mentioned that the Adopt A School programme commenced from the tenure of Hon. Andrew Fahie as Minister for education more than a decade ago.

Therefore he made a call for the first school adopters and those who made informal commitments to various schools to resume their relationship with the various educational institutions.