The 2013 annual report for the Adina Donovan Home notes that there is still an overcrowding situation at the facility.

According to the report the number of beds that can currently be accommodated is 24, but it was said that on occasion, up to five persons were assigned to a bedroom that was intended for three persons.

Management explained that admission of new persons under these conditions poses a health and safety risk to occupants of the facility.

The announcement that the Adina Donovan Home is filled to capacity was made by for Health and Social Development Hon. Ronnie Skelton at a public meeting in Huntums Ghut in 2012. During that meeting the Minister disclosed that persons are desirous of residing at the Home but there is no room.

He said: “The Adina Donovan Home is full and there is a waiting list, so we will prefer that people remain at their homes where we can assist them, by sending people to them to give them the care they need during the day hours.”