Additional Charges For Men In Stop/Search Operation


Monday, September 14 – Yesterday evening, one of four men arrested as a result of a stop/search operation was charged with additional firearm charges.

Following Thursday’s arrest, Police carried out a search at the premises of Travis Gumbs, 23, and recovered an AR-15 semi-automatic weapon and accompanying ammunition. He was subsequently charged with unlawful possession of a prohibited firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition.

Gumbs was charged on Thursday with firearm and drug possession offences.

Over the weekend, Jariel Harrigan, who was hospitalised following the stop/search operation on Thursday, was also charged with carrying an unlicenced firearm, two counts of unlawful possession of ammunition, unlawful possession of a control drug and unlawful possession of a control drug with intent to supply. Travis Gumbs, 23, and Omari Winter, 18, of no fixed place of abode and Kadeem Frett, 20, of Long Look all received the same charges on Thursday evening.

In the incident, Police stopped a vehicle in the Crablot area with the four men inside. Harrigan exited the vehicle with a handgun. After a command to drop the firearm, Harrigan pointed the firearm at an officer and was shot. He fled the area but was later apprehended and taken to Peebles Hospital for treatment.

The handgun, several rounds of ammunition and a quantity of illegal drugs were recovered during the incident.