Acting Premier Dr. The Hon. Kedrick Pickering Remembers Dr. Joseph S. Archibald, QC

Dr. J.S.  Archibald, QC

Dr. J.S. Archibald, QC

The Government of the Virgin Islands joins the Territory in mourning the passing of Dr. Joseph Archibald, QC.

We extend condolences to his wife, Deputy Governor of the Virgin Islands, V. Inez Archibald and the family in this time of bereavement.

Dr. Archibald, QC was highly intelligent; he had a brilliant mind and was one of the best conversationalists I have ever known.

He was a legend of his era and one of the most renowned legal minds in the Caribbean. Dr. Archibald, QC was instrumental in shaping the rules and guidelines for ethical practices and behaviour for practicing barristers and solicitors at the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

His legacy in the BVI and the entire Caribbean is unmatched. He founded the law firm of J. S. Archibald and Co and served as High Court Registrar, Magistrate, Senior Crown Counsel, President of the Civil Service Association, Director of Public Prosecutions, Attorney General and Member of both the Executive and Legislative Councils in the Virgin Islands. Dr. Archibald, QC will truly be missed throughout the British Virgin Islands and the Caribbean.

On behalf of the Government of the Virgin Islands, may God bless and comfort the family of Dr. Joseph S. Archibald during this difficult time.