Abusers Might Be Unaware: Fsn President Says


Last week, during a television interview, President of Family Support Network (FSN), Judith Charles explained that financial withholding was put in the new Domestic Violence Act as a form of abuse, and that not paying child support is a form of abuse.

This is not the first time that FSN has touched on the issue of financial abuse. Last year, October, during the observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Ms. Charles explained the various forms of financial abuse.

She said that someone can be abusing another person’s rights and might not be aware of this, and that the abusers might not be aware that they are abusing and the victims might not be aware that they are being abused.

Ms. Charles further stated that the person being abused might mistake the abuse for stinginess; while the abuser is being controlling and manipulative. “Financial abuse extends to anyone, because in some cases persons are charged child support. If custody is given to a man for children, women have to pay child support to that man for those children, and if the woman decides this can’t be real and does not pay child support she needs to know that she is breaching the courts order and that, that’s a form of abuse. The law doesn’t care if the abuser is a man or woman it is the same penalty if you are found guilty of being an abuser. It’s the same penalty for men as for women.”

She added: “If you are feeling uncomfortable and unsure in any situation you should call and ask questions, anybody should call.”