The Governor’s delivery of the Speech From the Throne ushered in a new legislative session of the House of Assembly and Senior Member of the House of Assembly and Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser  announced that he intends as soon as is possible to take questions to the House about BVI Airways.

The Opposition Member announced during a press conference on 13 November that seeking answers about the elusive airline is one of his pledges as a legislator: “I want to make it abundantly clear that my concern about BVI Airways and the transactions that took place around it are great enough to pursue in perpetuity, till we get answers on this matter.,” he announced.

“I will be pursuing it so I will await to see what the Premier is going to do. Now we have a new session, questions that I asked before will resurface so rest assure you will continue to hear from me on this,” the seasoned Member of the House declared.

As it relates to when the questions will be posed again, Hon. Fahie announced:  “The issue of whether the question will be posed in this sitting or the next …I don’t think you will see us before 2020, early 2020 I hope. At that time you would see questions surfacing..”

During a previous sitting of the House of Assembly Premier and Minister for Finance, Hon. Fahie announced that he could not locate certain BVI Airways files when he got into office. This announcement was put to Hon. Fraser by the media and Hon. Fraser said that he believes the Premier, that this was so: “I believe the Premier is sincere, I believe he is genuine…As far as the files are concerned he said that he could not find the files, I would not go into speculating on whether or not they are there or not there. I take him at his word that he can’t find the files, but rest assured he will find them,” Hon. Fraser announced.

In a 2 November Facebook post Hon. Fraser announced that there were coverup efforts as it relates to the BVI Airways matter. This comment was a continuation of comments he made in the House of Assembly on 17 October.

During that House of Assembly sitting Hon. Fraser accused Premier and Minister for Finance Hon. Andrew Fahie of covering up the details of what he discovered about the aborted BVI Airways arrangement since becoming Premier. In fact, during the sitting the Opposition Member declared: “Mr. Speaker this is becoming a norm where one administration keeps covering for the other.”

This accusation was quickly shot down by the Premier who announced that he was warned to be quiet because the matter was before the court. In fact, Hon. Fahie pleaded with Hon. Fraser to wait for the information: “When the time comes whatever it is to be revealed will be revealed. If we can get back the money or not I don’t know. I can’t say who is innocent or who guilty or if anything went wrong or it was just procedural errors I don’t know. The Member for the Third could rest assured that when that time comes he would know and so would me and everyone else. So please member don’t feel like anything is being covered up,” the Premier added.