8 Cuban Refugees Leave BVI For USVI


In 2014 the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Premier’s Office worked with the BVI Red Cross to secure the release of eight Cuban asylum seekers who were detained at Her Majesty’s Prison for nine months.

The asylum seekers/refugees included four men and four women. They were housed at the Prospect Reef Hotel for three weeks. During that time a representative from the UNHCR visited the Territory and conducted interviews with them to determine their eligibility for asylum.

Accordingly, when the asylum seekers learned that the process to determine eligibility to stay takes three months they absconded from the BVI to the neighboring USVI.

Reportedly there are many human rights abuses in Cuba that would make people afraid to return to or remain in Cuba. As a result many Cuban refugees move to the United States because the US over the last decades has been willing to accept Cuban citizens who are politically opposed to the Cuban government.