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67 restart Hauteville 5K after Covid-19 cut short 2020 series

67 Runners and walkers kick off Saturday’s Hautville 5K relaunch on Long Bay Beef Island 

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Clif Struiken led 67 eager souls—the second highest turnout behind 80 in 2014—in Saturday’s restart of the Hautville 5K Series, which was cut short by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Struiken covered the 3.1 miles course on Beef Island, in a record 16 minutes and 56.4 seconds while Katrina “Kat” Lindsay shaved her course to 19:27.5 to place fourth overall.

“It was a bit harder than I expected after I went off on a good pace,” Struiken told Island Sun Sports. “On the face of it, it looks like a flat course but those tiny, tiny bumps that go up and down all the time, they catch up with you. I didn’t finish as strong as I’d hoped, but it still was good racing today. It’s been for me more than a year that I’ve been out racing so it’s good to see such a good turnout and it’s good for the energy on the island that we have racing back on.”

He said the goal is to always keep improving—something he looks for in any race, any training session—making sure that tomorrow is better than today.

“Sometimes it doesn’t work out because of the course or whatever,” he noted. “So just make sure to work hard, stay hard and become better.”

Jermaine Ricketts who finished 2nd in 18:31, said it was an “awesome race” but it was a bit hot and windy and noted he has to do more training. “I’m looking for some good races and I think it’s going to be a good year for everyone this year, but we’ll see.”

Katrina “Kat” Lindsay—4th overall who scorched the course in 19:27.5—loved the race and said as it was the first one in over a year, they were itching to go on the starting line.

  “I ran a super race and was happy for me,” she stated. “And it was nice to see so many happy faces.”

Race Director Kay Reddy, said it was great to restart after the series was called off a year ago because of Covie-19.

“There was a really fast race up front, a big pack in the middle battling for those middle places, so it was an excellent race at the back, middle and front as well,” she noted. “We also had some walkers, a beautiful morning for walking, so it was a really smashing start to the race series.”

Top 10 Final resultsMen: 1. Clifton Struiken, 16:56.4. 2 Jermaine Ricketts, 18:31.3. 3. Derek Rawlings, 19:00.3. 4. Julius Farley, 19:36.3. 5. Reuben Stoby, 19:40.9. 6. Iain Tucker, 21:05.9. 7. Sergio Dantas, 22:02.2. 8. Joseph McIvor, 22:22.0. Oleg Boyko, 22:36.7. 10. Lennon Dabreo, 22:48.0. Women: 1. Kat Lindsay, 19:27.5. 2. Maria Mays, 23:06.7. 3. Lia Claxton, 23:34.0. 4. Cate Armstrong, 24:07.9. 5. Ksenia Shvalova, 25:48.8. 6. Tuneisha Johnson, 25:58.8. 7. Vicky Francis, 26:15.1. 8. Anna Kinkead, 26:42.3. 9. Sarah Caroll, 26:58.0. 10. Kay Reddy, 27:25.3.