6-Month-Old Ferry Wreck Requires Immediate Action: Hon Fraser Says


The fact that persons were still travelling to and from the United States Virgin Islands through the Tortola Pier Park and that government has not removed the boat that hurricane Irma grounded on the waterfront was firmly criticized by Opposition Member and Third District Representative Hon. Julian Fraser. In fact, these problems got very negative feedback from the local citizenry.

While speaking at a public meeting on 21 February Hon. Fraser announced that by now the Road Town Ferry terminal should have been open for USVI runs and the ferry sitting on the corner of the jetty should have been removed. Indeed, an unsuccessful attempt to remove the blue ferry has been made a few weeks ago.

As it relates to USVI travel Hon. Fraser said: “You think it is right for the Road Town ferry terminal to be inoperable to this day? People going out through the pier park to get on a boat to go to St Thomas and there is only two ferries a day — it doesn’t make sense …what’s going on, who is running this place — or it is running itself or not being run at all?”

Since the passage of hurricane Irma travel between the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands utilizes the Tortola Pier Park because the Road Town terminal was destroyed.

This is the second time Hon. Fraser has called for the speedy repairing of the Road Town ferry dock. He first raised the point during the 18 December sitting of the House of Assembly. During that sitting Hon. Fraser lamented the fact that the ferry terminal remains in a state of disrepair.

Hon. Fraser said: “Government has to take the lead…let’s look at that vessel that is by Road Town ferry terminal by the parking lot. Whatever it takes to remove that vessel from where it is it should be moved. I am not talking about sitting around waiting for the owner to move it. This is a national issue. The government should move the vessel and whatever it cost if you want to pass it back to the owner do it. But don’t leave it there waiting for the owner to move it it’s a blight. Everyone must come and see it? Let’s get these things moving.”