5th District Candidate Highlights his Priorities


Fifth District Representative, Abdull “Bazz” Shabazz announced that his dissatisfaction with the candidates who contested the general elections over the last 20 years has caused him to take matters into his hands by offering himself as a candidate for the June 8 elections.

During a radio broadcast on 13 May, Mr. Shabazz explained that his name is a holy one and that he is very serious about representing his District; he stated that he has already begun to let residents in the District know of his intention.

In explaining his frustration with the various District Representatives, Shabazz said: “I have tried with every candidate that came along, I just cannot get the satisfaction. For the past 20 years I put in and take out representative and I ask for a chance this coming election for a chance to contribute. My slogan is ‘When you go into the booth, give brother Shabazz a chance to. I have gone to houses as much as I could in such a short space of time. One thing my campaign would not be a campaign of criticism and animosity and disrespect. This is an election, and not a vexation.”

He said: “I have given out my flier, and I have emphasized that I am serious about the election. I am asking my people in the District for a chance to contribute. In my flier it states that I am no new comer. Silently I have been concerned, making contributions to this country and to the District. For example in 1990, I donated portions of land owned by me and proposed the widening of the Great Mountain Road in that area that was from during the time of brother Cyril Romney”

Mr. Shabazz stated that in 2005 he spear-headed the cleaning of the Great Mountain Spring, which he said is a project that is very dear to him. In listing things in the District that he wanted to see addressed, he said that he was concerned that lose live-stocks continue to plague the District, and he also called for undivided properties in the District to be divided.

Chief of Mr. Shabazz’concern is the need for a transparent District committee. This District Committee would constantly move forward the affairs of the District. “I have been around for quite a while, and I have seen the trend of elected officials Most officials tend to support who support them or a small group. We want a committee across the Board that will represent the whole the District, and then the representative should represent this movement of the people this is my proposal.”

Other Candidates

Mr. Shabazz made mention of the other candidates contesting the election, he said: “If Ms. Christopher did something good I want to commend her for it, for example that idea of Crafts Alive is a beautiful thing, although it needs much more work. The idea of the resource center in Huntums Ghut is a beautiful idea, we need to move forward with this with many adjustments in the District.”

He said that he has no personal issues with the incumbent or other aspiring representative, but stated that he believes that he can do a better job: “I spoke to many people and there are so many questions that arise… One person asked me ‘if you love Ms. Christopher so much why you trying to take her out of her job.’ Well I think Ms. Christopher could do a very good job in Trade, with tourism or with culture; and leave the representation to me, I could handle it.”

“Ms. Christopher will be alright and there are areas that she does great in, but I think she could give me the baton, and I could create a trend and show exactly what I am speaking about when I speak about representation,” Mr. Shabazz noted.

“The other candidate in the District is my good lil friend Zoe McMillan. One thing I wonder and I fear, she is so young and innocent — I wonder if she is ready for this task. This (politics) that we are endeavoring in is no simple endeavor. People will buy you and sell you in the political arena if you are not mature and strong enough to say no. If you are not strong enough to have a focus and this is my fear for my lil sister. I made a joke and I said that I would like Zoe to work with me for the next four years, and if the people approve then I could step down because she is a young lady,” he added.