4G Bonanza In BVI Announced


On 23 August the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) announced that all three mobile operators — CCT, Digicel and Flow were granted Frequency Authorizations for the spectrum they requested; and essentially would now be able to deliver 4G service.
An official announcement opined that the implementation of this technology in the Virgin Islands will provide enterprises, consumers and citizens with better quality mobile broadband services and is in line with developments that have already occurred in North America and Europe.
With their new spectrum the companies will be able to finally offer their customers high speed mobile broadband services using LTE technology.
In making the award, the TRC announced that all of the operators are in compliance with the Rules and agreed Undertakings. It was noted that on 16 August the successful applicants were informed that their applications had been approved.
Guy Malone, Chief Executive Officer of the Commission said “We are delighted to announce that the Spectrum Award 2016 process is now complete, spectrum usable for 4G technology has been formally granted to all of the operators. We are also pleased to confirm that each of the operators is in compliance with its obligations under relevant legislation and any agreed undertakings.”
On 26 May 2016, the Commission gave Notice of Consultation on the Modified Invitation to Apply for 700, 1900 MHz and AWS-1 Spectrum Award (MITA). The final MITA was published on 5 July 2016, together with the Consultation Report. The deadline for registration for the Award was 12 July 2016. The three mobile operators in the Virgin Islands (CCT, Digicel and Flow) successfully registered for the Spectrum Award 2016 and applied for relevant spectrum in accordance with the Spectrum Award Rules.
Each operator was successful with their first or second spectrum preferences in the Award. The award results are as follow: CCT: 30 MHz of spectrum – 1865 to 1880 MHz Uplink and 1945 to 1960 Downlink. Digicel: 52 MHz of spectrum – 700 MHz Band: 776 – 787 Uplink and 746 – 757 Downlink and AWS-1 Band: 1725 – 1740 Uplink and 2125 – 2140 Downlink. Flow: 54 MHz of spectrum – 700 MHz Band: 704 – 716 Uplink and 734 – 746 Downlink, and AWS-1 Band: 1740 – 1755 Uplink and 2140 – 2155 Downlink.