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3 Ballers brace inclement weather for B&B camp

Milton McLean works on dribbling with Zivon Abraham, left, Zevieh Abraham and Ziihmar Grante at the Greenland Basketball Court 

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Zevieh Abraham, his brother Zivon and Xiihmar Grante, braced inclement weather on Saturday to participate in the B&B District 78 Camp in Greenland, organized by the Sea Cows Bay Basketball Club. 

The camp was continuing from August when the territory went under restricted curfew because of the COVID-19 spread and all sporting events were shut down. 

“I wanted to learn more skills about basketball,” Grante, who attends Francis Lettsome Primary School told Island Sun Sports when asked why he showed up after the rain. “I’ve been learning how to dribble and shoot properly.”

For Zivon who attends Althea Scatliffe Primary School, everything was new.

“I never played basketball in my life,” he stated. “I’m learning how to dribble and how to shoot.”

  Zevieh said despite the rain, he showed up because he likes to play basketball.

“We learned about dribbling, shooting and layups,” said the Elmore Stoutt High School student  noting that it would be good to have more organized events for his age group, something the others agreed would be meaningful. 

Sea Cows Bay Basketball Club President Milton McLean said before he left home, he learned that it was raining on the eastern end of the island, but decided to go and see if anyone would show up as sometime it’s a passing cloud and the court would dry up.  

“Since we had committed to coming out, I said let me just go and see how things turn out. When I got here, there was one person and a few minutes after, we had three people,” he noted. “Once there’s somebody around, we did out thing. I think the kids appreciated me staying and doing some work with them, trying to do some shooting, passing, dribbling, show them one or two plays, even though it was just three of them, a three-man playset. I think they enjoyed it.”

With players at three different levels, McLean said when introducing something, you’ll find some that have a bit of experience and because of their physicality and athleticism, some will be ahead. This he said, meant he had to zone in, diagnose each person and work with them to bring them up in each skill. 

“It was just a matter of being patient and walking them through gradually, with different skills,” McLean said. “We’re going to continue this every Saturday for the month of October. When we get to the last Saturday in the month, we’ll see if we’ll continue from a Sea Cows Bay Basketball Club perspective or we’ll go in and let the coaches in the area continue the program. Hopefully, after the next three weeks, we’ll have enough coaches here to continue the program.”

By the players showing up despite the inclement weather, McLean said it shows something about them.

“It tells you, these guys are ballers,” he pointed out. “These guys are interested, enthusiastic, they want to learn and it’s a lot better than being in the house.”

McLean who founded the Sea Cows Bay Basketball Club on April 1,994, said he didn’t see himself being involved with the sport so long. 

“This is something I thought I would do for five or six years, to be honest,” he told Island Sun Sports. “I figured that after five or six years putting in the work, Sea Cows Bay would be able to represent and win a championship in basketball and would be well on their way and I wouldn’t need to be around. But we offer this to everybody—whether on island or off island—we’ve been doing it for a long time and we’re happy to be doing something for the youths.”