The 2019/2020 budget that is yet to be passed in the House of Assembly envisages funding for the East End/Long Look Sewage Project which has been languishing for years. The announcement of the fund allotment and intent to finally rectify the situation was made by Minister and Seventh District Representative Dr. the Hon. Natalio Wheatley.

Speaking at a recent District meeting on 27 November Hon. Wheatley, who is the Minister for Education, Culture, Youth Affairs, Fisheries and Agriculture announced that the plans are being made to finally address the sewage situation that for more than ten years has plagued both the Seventh and Eighth District within next year.

Hon. Wheatley told his constituents, “Money has been budgeted for continuing work on the East End Sewerage Project – between two and three millions are budgeted in this budget which has to be passed… The design and full scoping works for the project are ready and work will commence in 2020. This is a victory for the people of the Seventh District who have suffered from sewage in the street for many years.”

The Seventh District Representative indirectly mentioned that funding that was previously earmarked for the project was used for other purposes. In rehashing the matter Hon. Wheatley declared. “Of course, we all know, and it has been well publicized that $8M that were earmarked for sewage works in East End and Long Look was taken and given to the Ports for the Pier Park. Since then of course the persons in our community have had to live with the sewage problems.”

He noted that the prolonged sewage issues have caused problems such as road deterioration and health risk worry. “The sewage problems have additional problems that were created with it besides the obvious health problems and the smell and the unsanitary conditions. It also affects our roads. Our roads have suffered due to the stoppage of the sewage project.”

While, noting the need to fix the road damages caused, Hon. Wheatley mentioned that the money allocated in this budget is not enough for all that needs to be done.