2016 Basketball Season Scheduled To Open On Saturday

All Ah We expected to be among teams competing in the league's senior division

All Ah We expected to be among teams competing in the league’s senior division

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

BVI Basketball Federation officials met on Wednesday afternoon, to hammer out final details for the return of the league, which is scheduled to open on Saturday evening at the Multipurpose Sports Complex.

There was no 2015 league after the BVIBF hosted the CBC Men and Women’s Championships last June, where the BVI men placed fourth following a humiliating 83-72 loss to rivals Antigua and Barbuda, while its women’s team made tournament debut and placed seventh, with two victories over Guyana.

“We’re finalizing a lot of the details about opening day and a schedule, but in a nutshell, the league is opening on Saturday, June 4,” public relations officer Ken Silva said. “I don’t know how much pomp and circumstance there’ll be in terms of a parade or anything like that, but hopefully, the Minister (of Sports Myron Walwyn) will be able to come out and say a few words, then the league will be on in full tilt. We’ll be having three games. Hopefully, we’ll also have a girls game as we are looking to do a girls league.”

Silva said they are expecting 10 Junior teams and eight Senior teams to compete in the league. They had also hoped to have a women’s league following up on the interest shown during last year’s CBC Championships, but they didn’t have a lot of them signed up.

“Pretty much, we’re going to pull all the girls interested in playing basketball we are going to pull into one list and hopefully, form teams from there,” he said. “If persons ever thought about playing the game or getting into the sport, this is their opportunity to do that. We have some great coaches that are great at teaching the game, so if they ever thought about it, the should give it a try.”

Comprising the senior division are: All Ah We, East, Higher Heights, Kings, Krown Heights, Legs, Spartans and Zero Tolerance.