2015 Elections Candidates to be seen more often at supermarkets, weddings & funerals


9th District Elected Representative, Hon. Ralph T. O’Neal warned that the campaigning will begin very soon as politicians will try to be seen all over; especially at weddings and funerals.

Speaking at a Virgin Islands Party public meeting that was held in the Third District, Hon. O’Neal admonished the members of the VIP to stay together and to be aware of their opponents who will campaign hard: “The next election is going to be a most difficult one, and we have got to learn to be together; if we are VIP then you stay VIP,” Hon. O’Neal who is also the former VIP Chairman told the gathering.

The seasoned statesman told his Party members that they should not underestimate their opponents because they will twist words; and he also admonished them to be ready for a tough campaign season: “We have got to learn to lead, and we have got to learn to follow; as I said the election that is coming now is going to be a tricky one. Every word you say now will be two set, because the enemy is a set of twisters; and every word you say they are going to twist. If you say one and one is two, they will say you say one and one is three; because they want to remain in power, and don’t want the Virgin Islands Party in power.”

As he continued his rally speech, Hon. O’Neal told the VIP members: “We cannot sit in a corner…You have seen what is happening, you have experienced everything; and you know that is not the best way for us. Watch the attendance at funerals, watch the attendance at weddings them showing there, I am here, I am there between now and elections.”