2011 Elections Report Tabled


The report of the 2011 General Elections that was promised by Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith was laid on the table of the House of Assembly on Thursday 12 February 2015.

The BVI Leader gave the assurance to members of the media during a press briefing on 25 November last year. “I am sure it will be ready.” However, the Premier said that he was unable to give a specific time when the document will be ready, but he said that he knows that it is being worked on.

The 2007 elections report was laid on the Table of the House of Assembly on the 25 April 2008. In the report, the Supervisor of Elections Juliette Penn recommended that there be two polling stations at the larger polling divisions of Baughers Bay, Sea Cows Bay, Road Town, Huntums Ghut, West End, The Valley, and East End in order to reduce the long lines.

To facilitate this improvement the Supervisor suggested that the list of voters for the polling station be divided alphabetically; for example, voters with surnames beginning A to L would be assigned to one station and other names beginning M to Z would assigned to the other.

The Supervisor further recommended that the process of implementation of voter registration cards begin as soon as possible and that all voters be in possession of a voter registration card by 2011.

Additionally, Ms. Penn suggested that the counting of territorial votes remain central, but the counting stations and counters be increased and some technical means be explored to speed up the inspection of ballots by candidates and agents. “The alternative of having the territorial counting done in each district is on close examination though not advisable for practical reasons. With the present manual system of counting the introduction of a mechanical system of voting and counting should still be seriously considered, as this would greatly expedite the production of results”, she opined.

Ms. Penn also recommended that a building with proper storage space and security measures is identified for housing the Elections Office, and that the Elections Office provide transportation for all election personnel who will be delivering election materials to the polling stations and elections office.