190 Graduate From HLSCC


The phrase ‘short and sweet’ does not underrate the traditional pomp and ceremony of the 2016 graduation exercise of the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College.

This year’s ceremony took place on 9 June and saw approximately 190 students graduating from the higher learning institution.

President of the College, Dr. Karl Dawson described the class as energetic and welcomed all of the graduates to the alumni association.

Chairman of HLSCC Board of Governors and President Emeritus, Dr. Charles Wheatley spoke encouraging words to the graduates, and also admonished the remaining students to pursue creating essence of guavaberry for which he noted there is a lucrative market.

Keynote Speaker at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College Graduation, Ms. Fiona Forbes told the graduates that it is important to map out their future and use the plan as a guide to their dreams.

“What is important is that you formulate a plan to use your talent to accomplish your dreams. Don’t move through life like a plastic bag in the wind, take control of your destiny and plan your dream,” Forbes, a Senior Associate of Lennox Paton, said.

Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn in his address to the graduates urged them to strive to be  successful in their 20s. “…That I encourage you to work feverishly to realise that plan. For some of you, the harsh reality is that you might have to shed a few friends who are just interested in partying and playing around. Surround yourself with individuals who are chasing success just as you are.  Surround yourself with friends who are working on their dreams and support each other along the journey,” he said.

The Minister said that the Virgin Islands that they are seeking to build needs them to be prepared to make their contribution with their skills and talents.  “It is not a job to be left for the politicians, it is a job for each and every one of us that wish to call these islands home.”

“As this part of your academic journey ends, and as you prepare to enter a new chapter of your lives, remember there is no straight path to success; in whatever field, office or job you land or get promoted to, become a problem solver and add value to your employers,” the Minister added.

Premier Hon. Dr. D Orlando Smith said that only by working together and sharing our resources, can we make the BVI an ideal place to live, work, visit and do business.

“My Government has started to lay the foundation to deepen and broaden the economy. It is now your job as our newest craftsmen to build upon this foundation. We need you to continue the legacy of innovation and creative thinking to contribute to all sectors and help our economy grow and expand,” the Premier told the graduates.

During the 23rd graduation exercises graduates received Certificates of Achievements, Associates in Art Degrees in the fields of Primary Education and General Studies, together with Associates in Science Degrees in the fields of Business Administration (Finance, Accounting, Small Business Administration, Hotel Management, Computer Information Systems, Graphic Information Systems), Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Natural Science), Automotive Engineering Technology, Construction  Technology, Electronic Engineering  Technology, Engineering/Architectural Drawing, Land Surveying, Marine Technology, Human Services, and Culinary Arts.

From the graduating class three students (Akeen Merry, Alandell Williams, and Autumn Inniss-Harris) received Summa Cum Laude felicitations. 11 graduates achieved magna cum laude designations with 31 graduates at cum laude designation. 35 members from the Beta Omicron Sigma chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society graduated as well.