18 Zika Cases And Counting…


“It was just a matter of time before Zika gets here,” Minister for Health and Social Development Hon. Ronnie Skelton told the House of Assembly after it was disclosed that the Territory’s Zika count rose from five to 18.
During the continuation of the House of Assembly on 23 September, Hon. Skelton also mentioned that in addition to the new cases there are also 36 suspected cases of Zika: “We have about 18 confirmed cases up to the end of August. We have about 36 suspected cases. We have about 14 of them that happened in the month of September that are under suspicion.”
“But four out of every five persons who are infected will have no need to be hospitalized; some don’t even get the symptoms. It is here and we got three levels; we are classified as Level 2,” Hon. Skelton added.
The Health Minister said it makes no sense that authorities should try to hide the new case numbers. However, he also pointed out that it is not something to be proud of: “We have 18 cases; don’t make any sense we hiding it. But we should not be bragging about it. The different authorities in Canada, United States, people in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the CDC – you have to report these things.”
Hon. Skelton is also not worried that Zika would affect tourism: “The tourism sector is gonna still occupy, because it’s all over the Caribbean,” he explained.