130 Days After Irma: Road Town Jetty Is Still Non-Operational


Since the despicable visit of hurricane Irma travel between the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands is being done through the Tortola Pier Park because the Road Town terminal was seriously compromised. The weakness of the structure had already become apparent in 2010 when hurricane Earl did serious damage to the structure and roof.

The situation of the devastated Road Town jetty and the temporary service at the Pier Park were mentioned by Third District Representative, Hon Julian Fraser during the 18 December sitting of the House of Assembly. During that sitting Hon. Fraser lamented the fact that the ferry terminal remains in a state of disrepair.

In fact, tourists and locals are wondering why 130 days after the hurricane there still is a wrecked ferry on the side of the structure.

The Third District Representative told the House “I don’t know why it is that our seaports are still non-functional. We can’t possibly be that we could not fix the terminals that we have at least to where they were so that the boats can use them, the ferry terminals can be operational.”

Hon. Fraser further said that the Territory was maintaining the reserve fund and he noted that the Premier had announced that over $50M was in the Fund. To this end, Hon. Fraser said that all of that money could not have been spent.

He therefore suggested that the Fund could have paid for repairs. “What are we waiting for? We are making ourselves look worse than we should be,” Hon. Fraser said as he urged government to fix the ferry dock.

Since travel resumed between the two Virgin Islands the ferries have not been able to maintain their usual schedules either because of the change of venue or for some unknown reason.