11Th Hour Road Works Are A “Waste Of Taxpayers Money”: Carl Scatliffe Says


The Progressive Virgin Islands Movement’ candidate for the Fourth District Carl Scatliffe has raised eyebrows at the territory-wide road works that are taking place at the moment and questioned the speedy execution of the works. He laid the responsibility of the resurfacing at the feet of Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool who is the incumbent of the District Scatliffe is seeking to represent.

In questioning the project which has attracted attention and conversation throughout the Territory, Scatliffe during a recent rally in Long Bush accused the Minister of carrying out a quick fix.

He told the gathering: “I am not the one trying to quick fix everything at the last moment as you can see things are happening at record speed all of a sudden. All of this is done without proper consultation with you the voters in the District.”

“You pave all of the existing roads which needed paving obviously without proper understanding of where the water flows in order to put the proper drainage to eliminate the roads being washed away…wasting taxpayers money,” Scatliffe added.

The PVIM candidate admitted that the road works are necessary, however, he urged voters to not be impressed: “Please don’t get me wrong these things are needed, but why now. If he asked me for a vote I would say to him, if you could get the sewerage problem, the market problem, the parking problem and the cleanup problem fixed just to name a few…I can give you my vote.”

The road works had attracted social media comments and criticism from residents; eventually prompting the Acting Director in the Public Works Department Navarro Donovan to announce that the works were being carried out to provide a safe, practical, efficient, economically and environmentally sound infrastructure.

Donovan explained that the works are a part of the long-term goals of the department and asphalt and roadwork repairs include the Blackburn Highway, portions of Waterfront Drive and the concrete roads on Anegada.