10th Anniversary Ceres Juices 10k Series Kickoff With Struiken’s Fast Time

Clif Struiken, far right, sets the pace early en route to winning Saturday's 10th Anniversary Ceres Juices 10K Series kickoff

Clif Struiken, far right, sets the pace early en route to winning Saturday’s 10th Anniversary Ceres Juices 10K Series kickoff

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Clif Struiken knew what he wanted and went after it during the Ceres Juices 10K Series 10th anniversary kick off at the A. O. Shirley Grounds on Saturday, and in the process, posted the fastest opening day performance since Steven Asson in 2009.

Struiken controlled the pace from the start of the race on the A. O. Shirley Grounds, for a runaway victory in the race dubbed the City Circuit, covering the 6.2 miles in 37 minutes and 56 seconds. Asson ran 35:54 to kick off the 2009 series after Rasalula Nagarit established the 33:54 course record in 2008.

Julius Farley was second in 39:20 and Reuben Stoby placed third with at time of 41:08.

“I thought I was going to run sub 38 and wanted to keep my kilometers around 3:45, didn’t really execute on that, but got below 38, so that was good,” said Struiken, who has a best of 36:24. “I had to slow down a bit too early for my taste so that means I’ve got some work to do.”

As he closed off the Blenheim Trust 5K Series with a victory last month, Struiken said he wanted to run his own race and on a steady pace, but that didn’t work out.”

‘I’m comfortable running alone and it’s good running with a group, but I wanted to run my own pace,” he said. “It worked in a way but I’ve got work to do.”

Farley said he was looking to run sub 8, but couldn’t hold the pace. “Clif started out hard, I tried to keep up with him and Reuben, managed to keep away Rebuen but I just couldn’t keep up with Clif,” Farley stated. “I was looking for him in Lower Estate and he was flying. The brother was long gone.”

Stoby said his goal was to finish the race in a decent time and only decided to run the race on Saturday morning.

“I’ve been struggling with Achilles tendon injuries in both my legs and wasn’t able to run more than a mile for the last two weeks,” Stoby pointed out. “But, I wanted to make my mark on the series and hopefully, I can recover in time before the series ends.”

Katrina Lindsay, who came out to participate in the Olympic Day Run, was the top woman in 49:34. Julaine Potgieter followed in 49:47, while Karen Fraser placed third in 50:08.

“There wasn’t anyone for the Olympic Fun Day so I just decided to do the 10K and I had a good run, maybe because I wasn’t expecting to I went out slow, just enjoying it and managed to pick up at the end when I saw people ahead,” Lindsay explained. “I just picked off people and won.”

Final results. Male: 1. Clif Struiken, 37 minutes and 56 seconds. 2. Julius Farley, 39:20. 3. Reuben Stoby, 41:08. 4. Matthew Harkness, 43:55. 5. Adam D’Monte, 44.42. 6. Guyp Dubois, 46:31. 7. Anthony Thom, 48.11. 8. Derek Rawlins, 48:49. 9. Adrian Dale, 49:04. 10. Anthony Daway, 49:32.

Women: 1. Katrina Lindsay, 49:34. 2. Julaine Potgieter, 49:47. 3. Karen Fraser, 50:08. 4. Rachel Mayo-Smith, 50:58. 5. Kim Struiken, 52:40. 6. Melisande Rowe, 52:55. 7. Gillian Plaxton, 54:24. 8. Rosmond Johnson, 55:17. 9. Sarah Harkness, 58:19. 10. Karrina Stead, 59:31.