A major dredging project is currently taking place in the Third District, However neither the District Representative Hon. Julian Fraser or the residents were informed about the project.

The dredging situation was raised at a public meeting held on 30 January as Hon. Fraser addressed his constituents: “As we speak, there is some dredging going on in the harbour at Seacows Bay as we speak, and it bothers me. It bothers me for several reasons, one is there was absolutely zero consultation with you the people of this district as to what’s taking place in that harbour. There was none with me.”

In referring to the project as unimportant, Hon. Fraser said that it was decided by someone unaware of the needs of the Third District prior to the 2019 general elections. “You know the last day the government that was in office in the last administration. We had in office before, that was February 22nd, that was the Friday, election was February 25th and depends on who is keeping score we already had elections on 22 February because we had advanced polls that government signed two contracts on 22 February for dredging in Seacows Bay Harbour, each contract at $750,000, $1.5 million to do what, I don’t know,” Hon. Fraser explained.

The District Representative noted that the fact that no contact was made over the plan should be interpreted as a disrespect to the people.  “It’s a lack of respect for me as the District Representative, a lack of respect for you the people of the District…” Your District Representative did not know anything about that. That courtesy was not extended to me. I don’t think anybody knows anything about it because it was done on 22 February when everyone was busy either getting re-elected or elected.”

While announcing that the project money should have been better spent Hon. Fraser said, “I have been saying ever since the hurricane that a portion of landfill that was created at the mouth of Albion Ghut in the harbor needs to be removed with urgency. I had gone to the government and ask them to remove it and they told me they have no money to do it. It is only Monday (27 January) Monday just past that I saw the contracts and when I saw them my jaws dropped to know that $750,000 is being spent two times and I can’t get that stuff removed. I think that urgency requires that that stuff be removed and not the dredging of the harbour.”

He further stated that he cannot see how the dredging is going to benefit the District. “Who are you dredging it for? Which one of you in this room has a yacht? How many of you are going to benefit from the yachts that are going to be coming in there to park up? None, none; but I can tell you…19000 square yards were destroyed up there…with the hurricane, no one is making an effort to replace them. Now that affects you and that stuff that’s filled in the harbour up there affects you.”

Meanwhile, Hon. Fraser said that he has nothing against the project being carried out.